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Review: There was a Crooked Man by: K.J. Larsen

Title: There Was A Crooked Man
Author: K.J Larsen
Published Poisoned Pen Press
Series: Cat DeLuca Mysteries #5
Pages: 227
Format: iBooks
Source: Personal Purchase


Chicago private eye Cat DeLuca, founder of the Pants on Fire Detective Agency, catches liars and cheats—and, from time to time, killers. Cat’s brief marriage to runaround Johnnie Rizzo was a bust. But it gave her the mad skills she needed for her agency. She doesn’t investigate for insurance companies and she won’t find your long lost Uncle Harry. But if you’re in Chicagoland and you suspect your partner is stepping out, give her a call. 

Cat comes from a long line, and big family, of Chicago cops, stretching back to the day when her greatgrandfather gave Al Capone protection and a truck to move bootleg whiskey. Most DeLuca men are straight-up guys. Some are flexible, like Ferrari-driving Uncle Joey. But Cat’s Poppa stands above the rest, a man of integrity who one day took a bullet when on duty and became a hero. So why, after someone kidnaps Captain Bob’s dog and claims to have evidence of cop corruption, do Captain Bob and Poppa not only deny the accusation, but order Cat to leave it alone? 

Long ago when they were partners, the two cops responded to a hit-and-run that claimed the life of one of Bridgeport’s most beloved citizens. Daniel Baumgarten, owner and proprietor of Baumgarten’s Jewelry was killed in the street outside his shop. The unsolved death was relegated to a dusty cold case file where it was almost forgotten. Until now. 

Meanwhile Cat’s romance with FBI Agent Chance Savino still gives her goose bumps. Her Mama’s latest scheme to marry her off involves a romantic cruise, insane amounts of champagne, and a hijacked priest to tie the knot. But saving Poppa and Captain Bob comes first. There Was a Crooked Man is another funfilled, surprising page-turner. It’s a story of greed and betrayal. And the utterly astonishing things we do to save the ones we love.

My Thoughts:

This book follows Cat DeLuca whose investigating another cheat and finds herself knee deep in a dog napping of the Captain of CPD.  Whether Captain Bob asked for it or not Cat is going to find Sam I am the Captains beloved pooch where ever the trail may lead.  It leads right back to Cat's Dad and Captain Bob.  A cold case from years ago and what happened in that cold case.  Someone seems to think the Captain has a gold lion medallion and has taking to kidnapping to get the medallion back.  Will Cat find Sam or will the kidnapper go further?

I love this series it's one of my all time favorites with the crazy gun toting DeLuca's they are always up for a great time!  This one was no different if anything they have gotten crazier as time goes on especially Cat's sister whose now decided she wants in on Cat's P.I business.  I'm starting to think Cat is going to regret this decision.  I love how Savino is just like Cat in dealing with the reunion cruise and is more than happy to wheel his girl away from the crazy families!  Can't wait to see what is next!
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