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Review: Pekoe Most Poison by: Laura Childs

Title: Pekoe Most Poison
Author: Laura Childs
Publisher: Berkley Prime Crime
Series: A Tea Shop Mystery #18
Pages: 320
Format: e-book ARC
Souce: GEBT


In the latest Tea Shop Mystery from New York Times bestselling author Laura Childs, Theodosia Browning attends a “Rat Tea,” where the mice will murder.

When Indigo Tea Shop owner Theodosia Browning is invited by Doreen Briggs, one of Charleston’s most prominent hostesses, to a “Rat Tea,” she is understandably intrigued.  As servers dressed in rodent costumes and wearing white gloves offer elegant finger sandwiches and fine teas, Theo learns these parties date back to early twentieth-century Charleston, where the cream of society would sponsor so-called rat teas to promote city rodent control and better public health.

But this party goes from odd to chaotic when a fire starts at one of the tables and Doreen’s entrepreneur husband suddenly goes into convulsions and drops dead. Has his favorite orange pekoe tea been poisoned? Theo smells a rat.

The distraught Doreen soon engages Theo to pursue a discreet inquiry into who might have murdered her husband. As Theo and her tea sommelier review the guest list for suspects, they soon find themselves drawn into a dangerous game of cat and mouse...

My Thoughts:

This book follows Theodosia as she is off to a Rat Tea event when they arrive they witness a fire and death and Theo is determined to find out who killed Doreen's husband Beau and why.  Theo is stunned that no one is warning her against investigating the death.  Who had it out for Beau and why?  Was it his wife or someone else? Or was it his business partner Reggie Huston whose been accused of embezzling money? Doesn't help that Reggie or Big Reggie how he is referred at the spa has a quick temper and loves to bilk the spa loosing money. Could it be Robert Steele who Beau invested money with and can't seem to reclaim the money he spent which was his wifes money.  Another thing Theo gets added to her life of things retrieve because well seven hundred thousand is a size able amount of money.  It could always be their neighbors who are trying to buy Beau and Doreen's house to expand their inn, is it enough to kill over?  Or is it someone else for another reason?

I enjoyed spending time with Theo, Drayton and those involved with the Rat Tea event.  I haven't read any of Laura Child's other books but will definitely look for them as it was wonderful being brought into this series where tea is the star along with some murder on the side. Everything I have read by Ms. Child's proves to be a masterpiece. Can't wait to see where this series goes next!
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Anonymous said...

I am delighted that you enjoyed visiting with Theodosia, Drayton and all the characters who inhabit Pekoe Most Poison. Love, Laura Childs.