Monday, March 13, 2017

Review: Beginner's Luck by: Corrinne Scott

Title: Beginner's Luck
Author: Corrinne Scott
Publisher: Camel Press
Series: The O'Brien's #1
Pages: 252
Format: e-book ARC
Source: GEBT


As eldest son, Eoin O Brien is expected to take over the management of his family pub, the Lion O Brien in the Bronx. Despite his da s disapproval, he has achieved his dream of becoming a police detective. He also longs to have a family, but his wife Vivian left him three years ago to pursue her own dreams of working in an art gallery. 

Now Vivian is back from California. When the gallery where she works is robbed and vandalized, their paths cross again. It turns out the attack on the gallery was personal. After Vivian is almost run down by a car, it is clear that she herself is the target, though she can t think of anyone who would wish her harm. Eoin and Vivian circle each other warily, each feeling the pull of the past and their still powerful attraction. But there will be no easy reconciliation. First she find a way back into the O Brien family s good graces. Eoin, in turn, sees that he is partly to blame for her flight. Like his father, he is too quick to anger, too domineering. He must learn to give the independent Vivian her space. But above all, he has sworn to protect her. And if he gives her too much space, she may end up dead. 
Book 1 in the O Brien series.

My Thoughts:

This book follows Eoin O'Brien who has just become police detective. His first case involves investigating a robbery at a local art gallery the woman who worked there is Vivian, Eoin's estranged wife.  Who is shocked when her husband shows up.  As the book progresses Vivian becomes the target of someone out to get her but Eoin can't figure out why?  Or why his father is being so hard on him for being a cop.  Liam the father of Eoin hoped his son would run the family pub instead of being a cop.  When Vivian shows up Liam is worried that Vivian is going to leave when the times get hard again.

This book was great full of adventure and angst of all sorts.  I loved the strongness of both Eoin and Vivian fighting for what they want without giving up themselves in the process and loved how the mystery to the crimes wasn't cut and dry it drew it out which made you want to see how it all played out in the end.  I also loved meeting the family and seeing who their friends and co-workers were.  Can't wait to see what is next for the O'Brien clan!

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