Review: More Tales From Suburbia by: Brandi Haas

by - Monday, October 24, 2016

Title: More Tales From Suburbia
Author: Brandi Haas
Publisher: Cup of Tea Books
Pages: 231
Format: e-book
Source: GEBT


Life in the suburbs ain’t easy. Squeezing into those tiny chairs on the back-to-school night. Finding the beloved pet fish floating at the top of his bowl.  Planning a romantic evening –only to fall asleep on the couch with your honey.
Lucky for us, we’ve got Brandi Haas to make us laugh.  As the author of the popular blog “Tales from Suburbia,” Brandi tackles the big issues of our day—like whether to pay six bucks to valet park or search for a spot and walk ten blocks to the restaurant. Her stories about the daily absurdities of life will make you laugh out loud.
Heartfelt and seriously funny, More Tales from Suburbia: Yes, It Gets Even Crazier is like sharing a bottle of wine and conversation with your best girlfriend.

My Thoughts:

I love this book and the way Brandi tells stories from her family.  She is so funny and they are so crazy I can totally see them happening.  If you ever need a good cheer up at all definitely pick up this book and it will leave you with a sore stomach from laughing so hard.  Can't wait to see what Brandi comes up with next!

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