Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Review: To Catch A Treat by: Linda O. Johnston

Title: To Catch a Treat
Author: Linda O. Johnston
Publisher: Midnight Ink
Pages: 312
Format: e-book ARC
Source: GEBT & NetGalley


When a Dog-Snatching Scheme Leads to Murder, Carrie Must Sniff Out the Truth

Carrie Kennersly, veterinary technician and owner of the Barkery and Biscuits bake shop, agrees to a day of hiking with her brother Neal—mostly because she wants to meet and critique his latest romantic interest, Janelle Blaystone. But instead of judging her, Carrie feels only sympathy for Janelle, whose beloved black Labrador, Go, was recently dognapped.

Janelle thinks the culprit is Ada Arnist, a wealthy homeowner spotted at the dog park where Go was stolen. Soon after Janelle confronts Ada, though, the woman is found dead. With Janelle and Neal on the suspect list, Carrie must solve the mystery before the police bark up the wrong tree.

My Thoughts:

This book follows Vet Technician and Owner of the dog bakery and regular bakery as she is spending time with her brother with her boyfriend Reed to meet her brother Neal's latest girlfriend Janelle Blaystone who Carrie and Reed found out had her Goliath called Go for short had been dognapped.  Carrie can't imagine such a thing.  She finds Janelle doesn't like to talk about it.

I love going back to this series reading about Reed, Neal, Carrie and Neal's new girlfriend.  In this book Neal's new girlfriend is mourning her missing dog and is ecstatic when her dog is returned to her by way of Carrie but that is short lived when Ada winds up dead after having a argument with Janelle Neal's new squeeze.  Did Janelle kill Ada or has Ada made more enemies?  Such a great adventure.  Can't wait to see what is next after this great adventure!
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Thank you for the intro to this new-to-me author & series! Well done!

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