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Review: Demise in Denim by: Duffy Brown

Title: Demise in Denim
Author: Duffy Brown
Publisher: Berkley Prime Crime
Series: Consignment Shop Mystery #4
Pages: 304
Format: Paperback
Source: Duffy Brown Street Team


It’s springtime in Savannah, Georgia, in the newest Consignment Shop Mystery from the national bestselling author of Pearls and Poison. The azaleas and magnolias are in bloom—and Walker Boone is on the run. . .

When Reagan Summerside turned the first floor of her old Victorian home into a consignment shop, she never imagined she’d be harboring a fugitive in her attic. But after a dead man is found in a bathtub and local lawyer Walker Boone is accused of doing the dirty deed, she suddenly has a new houseguest.

Having the lawyer who took her to the cleaners in her divorce settlement—and who has been getting under her skin ever since—in close proximity is enough to drive Reagan to distraction. For the sake of her sanity—and Walker’s freedom—they need to put their heads together to find out who is trying to get the lawyer out of the picture . . .

My Thoughts:

This book began in the novella Dead Man Walker where Boone's long abandoned Daddy is found dead in his bathtub and someone is doing their best to point the finger and the illegitimate son Walker.  Reagan may have had her differences with Boone when he represented her no good ex-husband but she is determined to find out who is screwing with Boone.  She even goes so far as to switch his sweet ride with her scooter. 

There are such a long list of suspects, there is Boone's brother who seems adamant that Boone did the dead and needs to be jailed and keeps harassing Reagan over it. There is Mason Dixon whose trying to buy up a local theater and inn even though Boone's daddy left the inn to Boone.  Every time Reagan thinks she has someone who could have committed the crime she ends up clearing them.  Add to the fact people are periodically sending her messages in food from Boone.  Who had it in for Boone's father and why?

I love going back to Savannah and reading about what everyone is up to and this time it was no different with Reagan investigating why someone is out to frame Boone.  Reagan really has to drag through various suspects and even at the end didn't have it figured out only Boone figured it out in the end.  It was great to hear about Kiki, Reagan, her momma and their various friends.  Definitely can't wait to see what is the next for the group!

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