Review - The Silver Dark Sea by: Susan Fletcher

by - Monday, August 24, 2015

Title: The Silver Dark Sea
Author: Susan Fletcher
Publisher: Fourth Estate
Pages: 469
Format: Paperback
Source: Received Turkish copy from Turkish publisher for review


The powerful new novel from Susan Fletcher, award-winning author of the bestselling Eve Green and Oystercatchers. A profound tale of love, loss and the lore of the sea. The islanders of Parla are still mourning the loss of one of their own. Four years since that loss, and a man - un-named, unclothed - is washed onto their shores. Some say he is a mythical man from the sea - potent, kind and beautiful; others suspect him. For the bereft Maggie, this stranger brings love back to the isle. But as the days pass he changes every one of them - and the time comes for his story to be told...Tender, lyrical and redemptive, The Silver Dark Sea is the dazzling new novel from the author of Eve Green (winner of Whitbred First Novel award) and Witch Light. It is a story about what life can give and take from us, when we least expect it - and how love, in all its forms, is the greatest gift of all.

My thoughts:

I haven't so far read a book with the sea in its center and went "ew!" Even though The Silver Dark Sea gave me a hard time at times, Fletcher has described Scotland's Parla Island in such a lively way that when I felt the water hitting my face and touching my feet, I went into a state of refreshment. I'm already obsessed with living on an island, and I found myself thinking the entire time "take me to Parla; NOW!"

If you ask, "is there nothing else but sea in the book?" well, of course there is. There's a woman whose husband got lost when he jumped into the water to save someone, a mother who doesn't comprehend how his son got lost and a stranger that appears on the island out of the blue. And this stranger reveals to the reader, not the characters in the book, all the secrets of the islanders. There is love, family, unrequited love and adventures. When you remember that the population isn't that large on an island, you can imagine the kind of shenanigans that await!

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