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by - Thursday, August 13, 2015

As everyone on this site nows at a time or two I will share my thoughts on various topics.  This one is on why indie authors who write terrorist theme books try to have me review them.  Why oh why does this happen?

I like most people are fully aware of the terrorist actions happening in the world all the time.  This is why I find it wrong or weird that people write about terrorists then send it to me to review.  My guidelines are pretty specific I won't read books about terrorism or situations similar to Sandy Hook or the various movie theater shootings.

The answer should be pretty specific this stuff happens in the real world, you can't escape it.  I can't read about these topics as to my core I feel dirty or evil for reading them.  I think what is going on in the world is a travisty.  I just can't bring myself to read about these topics.

I don't condone what is going on in the world and as such I can't engage in these types of books I think it is wrong what they are doing and why and can't give a unbiased review.  For the authors who write these books I think you will find other sites are more accepting of these types of books but I just can't do it.  It goes against my beliefs and I have to have something to believe in and that is that terrorists are wrong and go about it wrong so why would I want to read books that just glorify it.

If your books are mystery as long as a child isn't murdered I can usually give a review as in CT we have Sandy Hook and then there was the Boston Bomber and the Colorado Movie Shooting.  I know I may loose some fans do to this but being the mother of five kids of various ages from 18 down to 6 they just hit too close to home.

I hope others will understand my views on this post.  If you feel I am wrong or want to share an opinion on it please feel free to comment below.  Comments attacking me based on my views will be dealt with getting their comments deleted as I want this to be a positive thing and not negative.

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