Review: The Sibylline Oracle by: Delia Colvin

by - Thursday, July 23, 2015

Title: The Sibylline Oracle
Author: Delia Colvin
Publisher: Createspace
Series: The Oracles #1
Pages: 328
Format: e-book
Source: Purchase


The Sibylline Oracle is the first novel of the addictive Oracles Series that weaves Greek Mythology with the story of an immortal man's
desperate attempts to save his mortal beloved.

Valeria's life in Manhattan had been filled with deep loneliness and a lot of "nothing special". That is, until she's saved by the handsome Alex Morgan and suddenly her world takes a thrilling new turn! But Alex has a chilling secret: Valeria has only days until her life will be tragically ended!

The Oracles-a love more enduring than life...than death...than destiny.

My Thoughts: 

This book follows Alex Morgan who is looking for someone.  It deals with Greek Mythology and specifically Cassandra and Troy.  Alex starts out as a professor in New York who is leaving his students.

Next we meet Valeria who is sad and lonely now that she stopped being a florist and is trying to figure out what to do next when she is saved by Alex and turns her world upside down.  He tells her he needs to take her away and while it doesn't make sense Valeria goes with him.  

There in Italy she learns alot about herself and Alex and what they are.  This story involves love, danger, action and ultimate sacrifices one will do for love.  

I loved this book it took a couple of days to read but everytime I picked it up it was heart wrenching to put it down and not see what was in store next for Alex and Valeria and how they would over come everything.  It is such a page turner and really shows how far someone will go for someone they love.  I loved all the people in it they all added something to the story.  

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