Saturday, July 25, 2015

Interview: Rich Zahradnik author of Drop Dead Punk

Recently I had time to sit down with Rich Zahradnik and talk to him about his book we welcome him to Community Bookstop!

What genre do you write?

Mysteries in the form of my series the Coleridge Taylor Mysteries. I also just recently finished a middle-grade sci-fi/fantasy called TIMERS. That's with my agent, who will have to find a publisher for it.

What type of characters do you like to write about?

Flawed human beings trying to do the right thing. They don't set out to be heroes but to simply do what needs to get done. And their flaws need to be natural and organic; that is, believable problems that come from their pasts and not a character checklist.

Can you tell us what brought you to write that genre?

I've read crime since the Hardy Boys in sixth grade and was, from that same time, fascinated by TV and movie detectives.

Who influences your writing?

Raymond Chandler, Michael Connelly, Derek Raymond, Georges Simenon, Tony Hillerman, Philip Kerr, Kurt Vonnegut, Jr., Ray Bradbury, Robert Harris

What type of books do you like to read?

Mysteries, other types of crime fiction, science fiction, fantasy. I read a fair number of books about the craft of writing and about the time period covered in my mystery series. I also read a good many YA and middle-grade stories because I also work in those areas and, to be honest, find those writers tell great tales unencumbered by silly literary concerns.

What do you do when your not writing?

I do all the promotional stuff a writer must do these days to get the word out on his own books. You know, like interviews. :) For the past five years, I've taught elementary kids how to publish newspapers. I've had to stop that because my writing got busy.

if you could take three things to a deserted island what would they be?

A loaded Kindle, a loaded iPod and a solar power charger that would recharge both.

Last Words, now available in paperback and all ebook formats, won honorable mention for mystery in Foreword Reviews' IndieFab Book of the Year Awards.

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Omnimystery News said...

Thanks so much for introducing us to this author with such an interesting interview. His series mysteries sound good, too!

Rich Zahradnik said...

Thank you for interviewing me about the new novel. I'll be stopping by to see if any of your readers have additional questions.


Michael Murphy said...

Very much enjoyed an interesting chat with a fascinating author.

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