Saturday, March 28, 2015

Review: Think Murder by: Cassidy Salem

Title: Think Murder
Author: Cassidy Salem
Publisher: Createspace
Series: Adina Donati Mystery Series
Genre: Mystery
Pages: 206
Format: e-book
Source: Great Escapes Book Tours


Discovering the body of a friend and colleague was not what Adina Donati had in mind when she moved to Washington D.C. in search of excitement. An administrative assistant at a prestigious think tank, Adina is drawn into the middle of the murder investigation. The police don’t seem to be making much progress until Adina stumbles onto important clues and discovers just how dangerous life in the nation’s capitol can be.

My Thoughts:

What starts out as drinks with a her friend Hillary ends in tragedy for Adina Donati when her friend is found dead in the bathroom an apparent suicide but everything is not what it seems in D.C. Adina seems to be in the middle of something big and someone wanted to kill her friend but who did it remains to be seen.

As Adina tries to help her friend's boss with a project Hillary was working on she starts to notice things aren't right, and quickly alerts the attention of someone.  Whether it be for good or bad remains to be seen.  With every action being watched by someone Adina relies on the police more and that seems to be upsetting someone who wants to make sure Adina suffers the same fate as Hillary.

I really enjoyed this book as it dealt with D.C. and was different then other cozy mysteries I have read this one focused on think tank type jobs, volunteering at a pet rescue place and Adina's apartment rather normal cozies which either focus on cooking, books, or things like that.  I really enjoyed this journey you take with Adina.  Definitely a great author I hope to read more by her.
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2 shout outs:

Cassidy Salem said...

Thanks for the kind words and for hosting me on your blog!

Paula said...

your welcome I loved reading about D.C and the people there.

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