Thursday, March 19, 2015

A Special Note To Lori Caswell and Her Family

Recently Lori (Great Escapes Book Tours) and her family have suffered a huge loss when Lori's son died.  In lieu of flowers they are asking people to donate to help Natalie her son's daughter.  As Lori is dealing with this emotional time I thought I would share the donation page with my followers so that word can get out to those who may not know.

Lori has been such a great blessing with book tours that when I heard I had to send my condolences  about the situation. Even offering prayers during this sad time I think will help the family get through this rough patch.

Kris Caswell Donation Page

We at Community Bookstop offer out sympathy and prayers to the Caswell family and hope they are able to find peace in this sad situation.  Feel free to leave comments for the Caswell family below and I will be sure to pass on the messages!

While Kris maybe dead, I don't think he can ever be forgotten as a son, father, uncle, co-worker, and friend.  May he rest in peace.

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