Monday, October 13, 2014

Review: Dogwood Hill by: Sherryl Woods

Title: Dogwood Hill
Author: Sherryl Woods
Publisher: Harlequin
Series: Chesapeake Shores #12
Format: e-book ARC
Source: NetGalley


#1 New York Times bestselling author Sherryl Woods tests the strength of the beloved O'Briens and proves that love and family can always triumph!

When former pro football quarterback Aidan Mitchell comes to Chesapeake Shores to take a high school coaching job, he's embraced by the town—especially the O'Briens. But Aidan has a secret that could alter all their lives.

For wounded Liz March, who's trying for a fresh start after a devastating betrayal, taking a chance on Aidan may be more than she can handle. Her heart, however, refuses to listen to her head. But just when forever seems within reach, Aidan's secret threatens to change everything.

Does this tempting stranger who's made her feel alive have the power to convince her to look beyond the past and reach for the future?

My Thoughts: 

This book introduces two new characters to Chesapeake Shores both characters hiding a secret.  Liz March is trying to move on past the death of her husband but there is something there she isn't saying about what happened with her husband.

Aidan Mitchell comes to Chesapeake Shores to coach the football team hoping that maybe they can change their loosing streak.  His secret becomes known to the reader pretty quickly.  How will Aidan deal with his connection to the O'Brien clan and will his secret destroy them?

I enjoyed reading about these two characters they were new and fresh as we haven't heard much about either one of them.  I loved watching these two push each other away as the heat between them kept heating up.

We also got to see other O'Briens we haven't seen lately Jess and Will, Susie and Mac really was nice to read more about them as well.  Definitely a fabulous series that just gets better everytime!
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