Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Lady Justice and The Organ Traders by: Robert Thornhill

Title: Lady Justice and The Organ Traders
Author: Robert Thornhill
Publisher: Kindle Edition
Series: Lady Justice #16
Format: Kindle e-book
Source: Purchase


A badly burned body with a fresh incision and a missing kidney leads Walt into the clandestine world of an organ trader ring that has set up shop in Kansas City. 

Walt is determined to bring to justice the bootleggers, who purchase body parts from the disadvantaged and sell them to people with means, until a relative from Maggie’s past turns up needing a kidney to survive. 

Once again, Walt discovers that very little in his world is black and white.

My Thoughts: 

This is the first book I've read in the Lady Justice series and oh my god I'm kicking myself for not getting into this series earlier.  Our main chacter is Walt who is a cop and works with Ox as part of a retiree police program.
They find themselves solving a few mysteries the first one being who's robbing the Salvation Army kettles.  While this is going on someone is buying kidneys and using them on people who are sick and left with no hop but organ buying in order to save their families.

Early into this book Walt's brother in law shows up with his plea to his sister Maggie to donate a kidney to save his life.  After alot of serious thought she decides to proceed but finds she isn't a match and her brother accepts his fate but also helps to bring down the Organ Traders.

This book series is great just the right mix of mystery and adventure and humor mixed into a great story!  Definitely a series I will read more of right now I'm reading Lady Justice and the Candidate.  Which should definitely be picked up right now as it is a free purchase on Amazon!

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