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Review: I'll See You In My Dreams by: Michael Edwin Q

Title: I'll See You In My Dreams
Author: Michael Edwin Q
Publisher: Michael Edwin Q
Pages: 256
Format: bound book
Source: Author Request


85 year old Christopher Goodman and 84 year old Irene Kelly live thousands of miles from each other. But ever night they meet in a shared dream where they are young lovers. It's time they meet in the real world. Christopher runs away from home, and with the help of his grandson, Walter Jr., they journey on a quest to Irene - his intentions - marriage! A cast of characters you will never forget. There's Romance, Mystery, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, but most of all LOVE! You have a date tonight! Don't forget I'LL SEE YOU IN MY DREAMS.

My Thoughts: 

In this book we follow the story of Christopher Goodman and Irene Kelly.  When Chris goes to sleep he dreams of an island where a beautiful girl is there, the girl is Irene Kelly who has been on the island as well.  The two find out they were high school sweethearts until they broke up long ago and met other significant others and since the death of their spouses have found their way to the island.

Chris decides to make the trek to San Diego where Irene is.  No matter how much she tells him to go back to Texas he just can't let Irene go when they could get married in the real world.  What he doesn't realize is what awaits him in California.

This book was great we get to see the relationship between Chris and Irene and Chris's relationship with his family.  When Chris goes missing his grandson Walter Jr. sets out on trek to find his grandfather and give him his happy ever after. 

The two meet some interesting characters and travel all over the country to get to San Diego, helping those along the way they can. One man they met they were able to help heal a relationship between a father and son.  Another was helping a family get away safely.

I just enjoyed this story so much it was great.  The characters were definitely intriguing and had you wanting to continue to read until the story was told!  What a great adventure to go on!

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