Monday, July 8, 2013

Top 3 fictional female characters

This is going to be very similar to my If Only These Female Characters Could Be My Friends! post, but you can never have enough fierce female characters! I made a list of my top 3 female characters for a readathon last week, and I thought you guys would enjoy it as well. I'm sure when I see this post again in a few days, I'll be mad at myself thinking, "how could I forget about HER?"

First up and my number one is Jo (Josephine March; later March-Bhaer) from Little Women. She's 15 at the beginning of the book, which is around the same age I was when I first met her. I had a Turkish translation copy of the book my mother gave me; it was the book she had and read as a girl. I was instantly in love with Jo; I wanted to be her, I wanted her to be my friend, my sister. She's very different from all her sisters, which is why I liked her in the first place. Then, she's rather tomboyish, has a temper, knows what she wants and works hard to get it. She's creative, funny, strong, unladylike for her own good and a writer. She cares about her family and friends and will go to any length for them. Meeting her was the first time I really realized I didn't have to fit the mold the society had set out for me. In the 1994 movie, she's played by Winona Ryder, and I really think she fits her so well. Every actor/actress casted in that movie was just how I pictured them. I love the movie just as well. I watch it at least once every year to remind myself of what I've learned from Jo.

Then there is Belle from Beauty and the Beast. Even though she ends up a princess in the end, she struggles through life and love first. I've always felt very close to her probably because she loved to read. I myself too had my nose buried in a book since I can't even remember when, and when I saw that girls who read could be princesses too, I had hope. I've also always thought the Beast was more cute than ugly. He turns into a blond prince in the end, which might even explain my obsession with blond men. But let's leave it at that for now since it's a whole another psychological evaluation.

My third and final pick is Hermione Granger. This one doesn't need much explanation, right? She's got the books, the smarts, the beauty; the everything. She's someone we all wanna be and also to have as a friend. 

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