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A Leprechaun's Lament by: Wayne Zurl

Title: A Leprechaun's Lament
Author: Wayne Zurl
Publisher: Iconic Publishing, LLC
Pages: 234
Format: Paperback
Source: Pump Up Your Promotions Book Tour


A stipulation of the Patriot Act gave Chief Sam Jenkins an easy job; investigate all the civilians working for the Prospect Police Department. But what looked routine to the gritty ex-New York detective, turned into a nightmare. Preliminary inquiries reveal a middle-aged employee didn't exist prior to 1975. Murray McGuire spent the second half of his life repairing office equipment for the small city of Prospect, Tennessee, but the police can't find a trace of the first half. After uncovering nothing but dead ends during the background investigation and frustrations running at flood level, Jenkins finds his subject lying face down in a Smoky Mountain creek bed. By calling in favors from old friends and new acquaintances, the chief enlists help from a local FBI agent, a deputy director of the CIA, British Intelligence, and the Irish Garda to learn the man's real identity and uncover the trail of an international killer seeking revenge in the Great Smoky Mountains.

My Thoughts:

Who would have thought something as simple as building up the Prospect Police Department would lead to phone calls to the F.B.I, C.I.A, and other high profile government buildings both here, England and Ireland. When Murray McGuire who basically has no identity prior to 1975 and it's up to Sam Jenkins to find out what is up with the Irish lad, which leads to learning about the I.R.A and how Murray squeeled and was sent stateside to disappear but his past seems to have caught up with him when he is found dead in Prospect.

I love Sam's humor and little quirks like quoting Sandford and Son, scenes from Monty Phyton among others. Those parts were hilarious. Plus Sam was able to some what repair a relationship with a fellow cop from Sam's past. I loved this book as much if not more than the first one! A great author up there with James Patterson!  Was a great adventure to go on with Sam and his Police Department!
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Wayne Zurl said...

Hi Paula,
Thanks for inviting me to your blog and allowing me to meet your new fans and followers. And THANKS for the great review. Come see Sam and me next time when Heroes & Lovers comes out. All the best, Wayne

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