Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Fear Principle by: B.A. Chepaitis Review

Description via Goodreads Site:
Dr. Jaguar Addams knows about fear. On a satellite prison called Planetoid Three, she establishes a telepathic link to her subjects. She confronts their demons. And makes them her own . . . They were known as the Killing Times, when serial murder reached epidemic proportions. Victims of hard-edged crime demanded hard-wired punishment, and the new prisons were born. Now one determined woman, a survivor of that dark age, tries to rehabilitate killers by tapping into the source of their obsessions: their worst fears. Her name is Jaguar Addams, and she is about to face the most challenging subject of her career. The ultimate assassin. A dangerously disturbed woman who will teach Jaguar the true meaning of fear.

My Review:

This book was sent to me for a honest and fair review.  This is the second book about Dr. Jaguar Addams who is a doctor on Planetoid Three who deals with criminals by making them see their fear.  In the Fear Principle she gets handed a double case one investigating a con man, the other is the case of an assassin, who they are trying to figure out who hired her.  What Jaguar learns is shocking.  Also she mounts a rescue for her boss Alex who has been kidnapped.  A great read and wonderful adventure
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