Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Fear of God Review by: B.A. Chepaitis

Description via Book Cover:

The children of Revelation looked skyward, waiting for the End of Days. On Planetoid Three, Jaguar Addams enters the minds of criminals. She lives in the shadows of their fears...and chases them into the light.

The followers of the Revelation Sect are preparing for the Second Coming, Stockpiles of weapons were found when federal agents stormed the home of the fanatical leader, Sardis Malocco. Now Jaguar must resort to using a virtual reality environment of Heaven to get to the root of Sardis's fear of God-before Revelation's zealots unleash their own apocalypse upon the world...

My Review:

This book starts off with a revelation Sect that is commiting suicide before the federal agents showed up to take them to Planetoid Three, They manage to catch Sardis and her companion Philo.  Philo uses a deadly toxin to cripple one of the workers who tries to get into his mind.  Which allows Philo with enough time to escape as everyone rushes to help the worker Rachel.  Jaguar finds herself trying to deal with Sardis to determine what toxin was used on Rachel looking for a cure, Jaguar is forced to use a VR (virtual reality) place to determine what Sardis is afraid of to make her realize the seriousness of what is going on.  The downside is Jaguar is an empath and the VR world works against the empathic ability.

Jaguar also feels responsible for what is happening to Rachel as it was Jaguar who trained her.  Jaguar who banged on the glass giving Philo the means to inject Rachel with the toxin, and Jaguar is forced to watch her protege fall apart medically.  Jaguar has to get inside the head of Sardis who thinks she has died and is in heaven little does she know she is far from heaven.  What a great story that truly kept me on the edge of my seat!
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