204 Rosewood Lane by: Debbie Macomber Review

by - Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Description via Goodreads:
Grace Sherman
204 Rosewood Lane
Cedar Cove, Washington

Dear Listener,
If you've been to Cedar Cove before we've probably met. You can usually find me either at home or at the public library, where I work. I've lived in this town all my life and raised two daughters here. But my husband and I - well, about six months ago, he disappeared. Just…disappeared. Where's Dan? Why did he go? Who's he with? Will I ever find out?

My hometown, my family and friends, bring me comfort during this difficult time. Comfort and a sense of shelter. I'm continually reminded that life can and does go on. For instance, everyone's been discussing weddings and babies lately. Justine - the only daughter of my best friend, Olivia Lockhart - impulsively got married a little while ago. My own daughter Kelly recently had a baby. Unfortunately, she refuses to accept that Dan might not return to see his first grandchild. My older daughter, Maryellen, is more realistic. I think she's seeing a new man, but for some reason she won't tell me who it is.

Then there's Jack, who's been pursuing a romance with Olivia, and his son, Eric, and Eric's girlfriend, Shelly (I think she's pregnant), and Zach and Rosemary Cox, whose marriage is reputedly on the skids and…Well, just come on over and we'll talk!

My Review:

This book pretty much picks up where 16 Lighthouse Road left off. Justine is adapting to married life while Seth is in Alaska fishing. Having spent the weekend together after they got married. Grace is just filing her divorce paperwork. She ends up meeting a relative of Tom Harding, when their credit cards accidentally get switched while eating separate dinners at a local restaurant. Olivia is finding relationships tricky when kids come calling to their parents. And Grace finds alot is hard when going through a divorce. Grace learns more about her husband then she ever knew when he was with her. What she perceived to be another woman was something entirely different. How will Grace manage what she has recently learned?
A great read for those looking for romance, and humor and general fiction.

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