Monday, February 28, 2022

Review: Lattee Trouble by: Cleo Coyle

Title: Latee Trouble
Author: Clleo Coyle
Pubisher: Berley Prime Crime
Series: Coffeehouse Mystery #3
Format: Paperback ( 243 p.) Personal Purchase


Greenwich Village coffee shop manager and amateur sleuth Clare Cosi is faced with her most perilous mystery yet in Latte Trouble, the third Coffeehouse Mystery by Cleo Coyle (On What Grounds and Through the Grinder).

It's Fashion Week in New York City -- and Clare's shop, the historic Village Blend, is the location of a prestigious insider's party for loyal customer and iconic designer Lottie Harmon, who is about to launch a collection of coffee-inspired accessories aptly named Java Jewelry. But the event, which is attended by the city's most zealous fashionistas, goes terribly wrong when a customer is poisoned and dies from cyanide in his latte. A barista, who coincidentally was recently dumped by the victim, is arrested and charged with murder. But Clare knows in her heart that her employee is innocent and begins to investigate the people surrounding the enigmatic Lottie Harmon. When Clare uncovers a scheme to blackmail one of Lottie's business partners and then that partner suddenly turns up dead, she knows that there is trouble brewing

My Thoughts: 

Fashion Week has hit New York City and the Village Blend is hosting people for viewing coffee themed jewelry.  When someone gets poisoned and their local barista ends up in the hot seat Clare is determined to get to the bottom of it at all costs.  

This entails figuring out who was suppose to be poisoned, and why?  Also it entails Clare dealing with two rough cops who seem determined that Tucker the local barista is the culprit.  Prison is no place for someone like Tucker so Clare enlists the help of Madame to figure out what is going on.

When more people wind up sick or dead the pressure is on to figure out what is going on and why?  Which leads down a trip of memory lane to learn more about the history with some of the players attached to Lottie.   

This book was fabulous and totally addictive trying to figure it out,  reading how Clare gets to the bottom of it, and deals with her daughter who is hanging out with kids who do Cocaine.  What to do about her ex who seems to want to rekindle their relationship much to Clare dismay.  If you haven't read these books you are so missing out!  They are so much fun and make great stand alone to begin almost anywhere.

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