Monday, January 17, 2022

Review: A Fatal Fleece by: Sally Goldenbaum

Title: A Fatal Fleece
Author: Sally Goldenbaum
Publisher: New American Library
Format: Hardcover ( 317 p.) Personal Purchase


It’s summer in Sea Harbor, Massachusetts, and while tourists flock to the beautiful cottages by the sea, trouble brews for the Seaside Knitters.  One of them gets tangled up with a precocious granddaughter and another stands accused of casting a local resident off on a permanent vacation.As Izzy Chambers and the Seaside Knitters prepare Izzy’s yarn studio for the tourist season, fellow knitter Birdie Favazza has her hands full with a visiting granddaughter she never knew existed. Gabby soon becomes a fixture in the town—riding off on Birdie’s bike, teaching her own crochet class, even striking up an unlikely friendship with a reclusive local fisherman named Finnegan, himself the source of much local turbulence.

But it’s Cass Halloran, the lobsterwoman, who stumbles over the body of the old fisherman, covered with leaves and sea grass, and wearing the yellow fleece vest she once made him. When Cass unwittingly becomes a suspect in his murder, the knitters rally to protect their dear friend.

Soon the Seaside Knitters will discover that caring for Gabby while casting their net for a killer is tricky business indeed.  They’ll have to keep their wits about them as they piece together the clues, working to catch a killer before one of their own winds up knitting behind bars. 

My Thoughts:

The Seaside knitters are back for another adventure.  This one starts with everyone meeting Gabby Birdie's granddaughter whose is in Sea Harbor for a while visiting.  She befriends and older gentlemen Finnegan who doesn't let too many people near him.  When he winds up dead people begin to wonder what happened to the old man who hated him enough to kill him?

I love going back to Sea Harbor and seeing what everyone is up to which is always a great adventure.  You feel like your going to visit old friends and see what everyone is eating now?  The characters are rich and the stories have a depth that you will find yourself pulled into.  Definitely a great adventure to read about.

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