Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Book Review: Cocoa For Two by: Claudia Shelton

Title: Cocoa For Two
Author: Claudia Shelton
Series: PCS Hometown: Awesome
Publisher: CCS Writings LLC
Format: e-book ARC ( 226 p.) NetGalley


***Welcome to a heartwarming holiday story that is also the first book in the upcoming series —PCS Hometown: Awesome— about returning veterans, their adopted hometown and love. And what could be more exciting than the small town of Awesome's annual 'Holidays on the Square' festival.***

Adam acts on gut instinct and common sense. Brie's a thinker and planner. All he has to do is convince her to make Awesome—and him—her final stop.

After her grandmother's death, travel vlogger Brie Dresser returns to the small town of Awesome to finalize her inheritance. She quickly learns the new hardware store owner and Grandma Rose had an unbreakable contract. He's supposed to remodel the house for Brie. But she isn't there to stay and has no intention of reopening Rose's Gift Shoppe. Unexpectedly, Christmas inventory begins arriving for the gift shop. Brie senses a touch of her grandma's matchmaking in the air.

Army veteran, First Sergeant Adam Barkley, wants to make sure soldiers he served with always have a place to call home. Counting on the friendliness of a small town to help veterans readjust stateside, he buys a hardware store in Awesome. He hadn't known the remodeling contract he made with Grandma Rose would end with her world-traveling granddaughter back in town. Suddenly, he feels alive again. The pain from shrapnel still left in his side, tells him he should be careful. 

My Thoughts: 

This book introduces Brie whose moved back home to decide what to do with her Grandmother's house after hear death what she didn't count on was the cute handyman working on the house when she pulled in.  Brie has spent most of her time traveling as part of her vlogger and being a influencer.    Having her grandmothers house and business makes Brie wonder what she wants in life?  To settle at home or keep traveling?

Adam Barley working on his job at the hardware store and helping veterans move back into normal living a life outside of the military.  He didn't count on the adorable Brie flying into his life.  Making him realize what he's been missing in life.

I loved this series how incorporated military and civilians and how they move on together to get along and be accepting.  This book is such fun to read and it's also special with the holiday season!

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