Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Review: Sealed Off by: Barbara Ross


itle: Sealed Off
Author: Barbara Ross
Publisher: Kensinton
Series: Maine Clambake Mystery #8
Format: Paperback ( 246 p.) Personal Purchase


Early October is “winding down” time in Busman’s Harbor, Maine, but there’s nothing relaxing about it for Julia Snowden. Between busloads of weekend leaf peepers at the Snowden Family Clambake and a gut renovation of the old mansion on Morrow Island, she’s keeping it all together with a potentially volatile skeleton crew—until one of them turns up dead under the firewood.

When the Russian demo team clearing out the mansion discovers a room that’s been sealed off for decades, Julia’s baffled as to its purpose and what secrets it might have held. Tensions are already simmering with the crew, but when one of the workers is found murdered, things come to a boil. With the discovery of another body—and a mysterious diary with Cyrillic text in the hidden room—the pressure’s on Julia to dig up a real killer fast. But she’ll have to sort through a pile of suspects, including ex-spouses, a spurned lover, and a recently released prisoner, to fish out one clammed-up killer.

My Thoughts:

Julia and her family are winding town their tours for the summer and are having relatives visit the old estate when a feud between Chris's brother Terry and a worker of Sonny's Jason but heads over a girl.  Have old feud's resurfaced?  When Jason winds up dead and Terry is on the hot seat!  We also learn more about Terry's past crime and whether he was wrong convicted.

We also learn more about workers who use to work on Morrow Island and what happened way back when which I loved learning about the workers and things they went through.  It was such a fun end of the summer mystery that I was captivated by the story and loved how it played out in the end!

Can't wait to see what is next in the clambake mysteries!

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