Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Review: Wedding Day and Foul Play by: Duffy Brown

Title: Wedding Day and Foul Play
Author: Duffy Brown
Publisher: Kindle
Series: Consignment Shop Mystery #6 Format: e-book ( 160 p.)
Source: Author Request


Wedding cake on top of the table, dead body underneath and a
favorite auntie accused of putting it there is no way to start a

My Review:

This book follows Regan and her new husband Boone as they settle down to their wedding reception until a dead body appears that is and Aunt Kiki becomes on the hook for the murder!  Did she do it to protect her home and symbol status in town or did something else happen?

This book had so much going on like Regan learning her mom is dating someone new to Kiki being arrested for murder.  To having to give up the Prissy Fox to her ex-husband the cheat so that her aunt could keep her house.  

I love this series it's typical with all things crazy Regan and Kiki.  I always miss the series when the book ends than look forward to Ms. Brown offers up next in the Consignment series or her other series!  If you haven't read this series you are sorely missing out on some great adventures with Regan, Kiki, Boone and all their friends and family!  

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