Friday, January 15, 2021

Review: His Majesty's Hope by: Susan Elia MacNeal

Title: His Majesty's Hope
Author: Susan Elia MacNeal
Publisher: Bantam
Series: Maggie Hope #3
Format: book (334 p.)


Maggie Hope finds herself behind enemy lines bring things to the resistance.  She also finds herself face to face with her mother and half sister and is unsure what to think of everything.  

Clara Hess is getting suspicious of the girl with the red hair and trying to place her.  Clara's daughter is busy smuggling various people into her mother's attic of her house to hide them from the germans!  Will her Maggie's sister get caught or will she get everyone out in time?

This book had everything mystery, intrigue,  and of course the threats of German soldiers everywhere. You find yourself on the edge of your seat and as you find out if Maggie gets out in tact or someone will sell her out to the Nazi's!  Definitely kept me interested and waiting to see how the series will play out!

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