Review: Selling Christmas by: Angelina Goode

by - Monday, November 02, 2020

Author: Angelina Goode
Publisher: Beach Blanket Publishing
Pages: App. 300
Genre: Christmas Romance


Helping people find their dream house has always come natural to Caroline. She’s able to set the stage perfectly so her clients can imagine spending the holidays in their new home, even though she doesn’t decorate her own. When her boss assigns her to oversee the company’s first Christmas Tour of Homes, Caroline thinks she may be in over her head.

Luke has always made sure his daughter, Ella, had all that she needed for Christmas, including a home bursting at the seams with tinsel and holly. Even if it meant working extra shifts patrolling the town. So when a house of their own is at the top of Ella’s Christmas list, he can’t help but set out to find one.

As Christmas fate brings Caroline and Luke together, they just might be exactly what the other needs to make it through the holidays. Until Luke unknowingly stumbles across Caroline’s past. A past that keeps Caroline from looking to a future with Luke.

Can Caroline and Luke find their way to happily ever after? Or is the only thing keeping them from finding it, each other?

My Thoughts:

This book follows Caroline who loves to bring Christmas to other people but won't decorate for herself considering it too commercialized.  She's put in charge of turning four homes into Christmas wonderlands and finds herself in a predicament as she herself no cut out for this project will she get it done or fall flat on her face.

Luke has done everything for his daughter to make sure she has everything she could want for Christmas with holly and cheer even if it requires him to work overtime to get it.  When Luke's daughter puts a house on her Christmas list he sets out to make her dreams come true which leads directly to Caroline.  Will they be able to make this Christmas magical for his daughter and maybe each other as well?

This was a great Christmas story.  This was such an uplifting magical story which you could find yourself reading every Christmas it pulls you in and you really feel apart of their world seeing how it will all play out!  Can't wait to see what is next for this author!


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Meet The Author

Angelina Goode began writing as a teenager. Though her first works were poems about love-struck teenagers, she grew her craft while earning her degree in Journalism and Creative Writing. A former grade school teacher that loved teaching children to write, she enjoys finding creative ways to present everyday events. Now she primarily writes light-hearted contemporary women’s fiction. Angelina loves to travel and weave places she’s visited into her novels. She lives in Los Angeles where she enjoys people-watching and year-round sun.



Twitter: @angelina_goode


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