Review: Crossing Danger by: Colleen Helme

by - Friday, June 26, 2020

Title: Crossing Danger
Author: Colleen Helme
Publisher: Kindle Edition
Series: Shelby Nichols #7
Pages: 317
Format: Kindle e-book
Source: Kindle Unlimited


Shelby Nichols isn’t your average soccer-mom turned private investigator. She’s more on the quirky side with a little wild thrown in. That’s because a near-fatal gunshot violent drug ring. Add to that a stranger in town with ties to the mob-boss she works for, along with a known assassin out to kill him, and Shelby is crossing danger at every turn. Will she find the answers in time? Or will this be her last adventure?

My Thoughts: 

This book follows our wonderful Shelby Nichols as she finds herself investigating the disappearance of a friend of her's niece whose hasn't shown up anywhere.  Where could Chloe be and what happened to her.  The deeper she investigates the more she learns that lead to a bigger crime going on. Why is Chloe hiding and why?  Is it related to Uncle Joey or something worse?

I love this series it's such fun to see what is going on with Shelby and where trouble will lead her to and whether her husband will figure it out or will it remain a close secret.  This one didn't disappoint I loved watching Shelby weave her magic will trying to keep it downlow.  

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