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Review: Homicide In Hardcover by: Kate Carlisle

Title: Homicide in Hardcover
Author: Kate Carlisle
Publisher: Obsidin
Series: Biblophile Mystery #1
Pages: 289
Format: Paperback
Source: Library


The streets of San Francisco would be lined with hardcovers if rare book expert Brooklyn Wainwright had her way. And her mentor wouldn't be lying in a pool of his own blood on the eve of a celebration for his latest book restoration.

With his final breath he leaves Brooklyn a cryptic message, and gives her a priceless and supposedly cursed copy of Goethe's Faust for safekeeping.

Brooklyn suddenly finds herself accused of murder and theft, thanks to the humorless, but attractive, British security officer who finds her kneeling over the body. Now she has to read the clues left behind by her mentor if she is going to restore justice.

My Thoughts: 

I figured since I started out this series with Books of a Feather I would go back to the beginning.  In this new series Brooklyn is a book binder and she is off to see her mentor who she had a falling out with when she decided to go out on her own.  Hoping to repair their relationship she is pleasantly suprised to see that Abraham is willing to bury the hatchet and move on with his protege. When later on she finds him dead she can't understand who would kill him and why?

This book introduces us to Derek right away and how he always following Brooklyn after the murder which seems to be centered on a book called Faust.  Some claim the book is cursed, but Brooklyn won't be deterred from working on the book.

I loved watching these two stumble around with the mystery especially as another body turns up.  Now someone has there sets sight on Brooklyn and Derek has to do everything he can to help her and make sense of what is going on.  Such an incredible mystery that had me guessing til the very end.
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