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Review: Chocolate Cream Pie Murder by: Joanne Fluke

Title: Chocolate Cream Pie Murder
Author: Joanne Fluke
Publisher: Kensington
Series: Hannah Swenson #24
Pages: 304
Format: e-book ARC
Source: NetGalley


Not even Lake Eden’s nosiest residents suspected Hannah Swensen would go from idealistic newlywed to betrayed wife in a matter of weeks. But as a deadly mystery unfolds in town, the proof is in the pudding . . .

When The Cookie Jar becomes the setting of a star-studded TV special about movies filmed in Minnesota, Hannah hopes to shine the spotlight on her bakery—not the unsavory scandal swirling around her personal life. But that’s practically impossible with a disturbing visit from the shifty character she once believed was her one and only love, a group of bodyguards following her every move, and a murder victim in her bedroom. Now, swapping the crime scene in her condo for her mother Delores’s penthouse, Hannah and an old flame team up to solve a case that’s messier than an upended chocolate cream pie. As suspects emerge and secrets hit close to home, Hannah must serve a hefty helping of justice to an unnamed killer prowling around Lake Eden . . . before someone takes a slice out of her!

My Thoughts: 

After learning about her "husband" Hannah has decided it's time to fill the town on Ross and what he did to Hannah and move on with her life.  As she tries to move on the one thing she didn't count on was Ross to rear his ugly head again.  He's determined to get money he gave to Hannah back but he's turned a nasty streak and playing multiple roles as a bad guy and intimidating Hannah into doing things she doesn't want to do.  Will Hannah ever be free of Ross or will he continue to haunt her forever?

I liked this book as it went back to earlier formats although it took a long time for a crime to be committed.  More than half the book to be precise.  The mystery itself felt very rushed and wasn't with Hannah doing her normal snooping.  Things seem to fall to easily into Hannah's lap and that made it seem too easy.

Can't wait to see what Hannah will do next and of course to see what continues at the end of this story it's enough to make you wonder what Joanne will do with our beloved heroin.
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