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Review: Eggs in A Casket by: Laura Child

Title: Eggs in a Casket
Author: Laura Child
Publisher: Berkley Prime Crime
Series: Cackleberry Club #5
Pages: 336
Format: Hardcover
Source: Library


The ladies of the Cackleberry Club are always ready to serve—whether they’re cooking up breakfast or sniffing out a bad egg.

While Petra handles the breakfast rush at the Cackleberry Club, the cafĂ©’s other two owners, Suzanne and Toni, head to Memorial Cemetery to help prepare for its 150th anniversary celebration. But as they search the winding paths for the historical society tent, they discover something else out of place: the body of ex-prison warden Lester Drummond lying facedown in someone else’s freshly dug grave.

In the small town of Kindred, everyone knows everyone, and Lester was no exception. Suzanne knew him as the creepy guy who made unwanted advances on her friend Missy Langston. But now it appears the man was hiding a few secrets…and at least one of them was worth killing for.

As the case cracks open, there are plenty of suspects to consider—from recent parolees to Missy herself, who Suzanne and Toni saw speeding away just before they found the body. Now, with a cemetery celebration in the offing, and the local authorities in over their heads, it’s up to the Cackleberry Club to unscramble the clues and clear their friend’s name.

Recipes Included!

My Thoughts: 

In this book Toni and Suzanne stumble on a dead body while bringing somethings out to a historical society event.  What they didn't count on was a dead body.  Lester Drummond the victim was also a warden at the jail so there are no shortage of victims!  Can Suzanne figure it out in time?  Or will the murderer get away free?

This was a great story and can totally be read as a standalone as well as part of a series.  A lovely adventure to go on where you meet different people in town and learn more about them as well as solving a murder!  Can't wait to see what is next!
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