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Review: Iced by: Carol Higgins Clark

Title: Iced
Author: Carol Higgins Clark
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing
Series: Regan Reilly Mysteries, #3
Pages: 272
Format: Hardcover
Source: Personal Purchase


The frontier spirit is alive and well in the old silver-mining town-turned-trendy resort of Aspen, Colorado, despite an influx of the rich and famous - and Regan Reilly. Regan has arrived with her mystery-writing mom and suave, funeral director father to spend the Christmas holidays on the slopes and visiting friends. Secretly, she wouldn't mind meeting a single man or two. She never expects to be rubbing shoulders, and maybe risking her neck, with varmints, desperadoes, or art thieves. Million-dollar paintings have been disappearing from elegant condos and chic chalets all over town. Suspicion immediately falls on a congenial ex-con caretaker named Eben Bean, who seems to have absconded with the loot. Worse, Regan not only knew and liked Eben, but also had helped him get his caretaking job. Now she may be the only person in town who believes he is innocent.

My Thoughts: 

This book follows Regan and her friends and family as they arrive in Aspen Colorado for a much needed break and vacation spent skiing and having a wonderful time.  When they arrive they find Eben the housekeeper missing.  As they wonder what happened they hear about a Santa who is stealing from the wealthy over paintings.  Regan begins to wonder what really happen to Eben?  Is he a true bad guy or just a guy in a horrible situation?

This is a great winter tale at Christmas time where you can enjoy Aspen without going there with a great mystery inside of another mystery to boot!  I really enjoyed following Regan and other guests as they try to put together what happened before their arrival and the truth was incredible and really threw me for a loop but I loved it all the same!
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