Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Cover Reveal: Lethal and Old Lace by: Duffy Brown

Well my friends, and authors alike Duffy Brown is showing her cover of Lethal and Old Lace which is being published through Crooked Lane Books.  I think we are all missing Reagan and Walker Boone. After watching Reagan solve the crime that Walker Boone in hiding.  Can't wait to see what is next for the couple.

As for Duffy Brown she is working on her The Cycle Path mystery which hopefully we will hear more about when it's finished. What I have learned from Ms. Brown is that the next book will be called Tandem Demise and it should be out in January when I know more I will share it here first!

I love Duffy's books as well as her cover picture they are fabulous looking.  I feel like when I'm reading her books I'm right along with her characters trying to figure out what is going on!  So here we go with the cover reveal.  This book is coming out March 13, 2018!  Mark your calendars so you can get your copy!


Reagan Summerside returns in national bestselling author Duffy Brown’s fifth Consignment Shop mystery, now for the first time in hardcover.

There are two social functions in Savannah guaranteed to get people talking: weddings and funerals. And just as consignment shop owner Reagan Summerside agrees to marry the hunky Walker Boone, her neighbors, sisters Annie Fritz and Elsie Abbot, step up their business as professional mourners. They are so successful that the Sleepy Pines Retirement Center has hired them as a part of their retirement package. But the celebration over good business is cut short when the residents at Pines suddenly begin dying at an alarming rate. And the sisters are the first suspects.

Reagan has her doubts, however, and begins to look into the strange phenomenon. But then something even stranger happens: a body winds up in the sisters’ pink Caddy. The evidence begins to pile up and the suspicious case of Willie Fishbine, who swindled the sisters out of a fortune and coincidentally died prior to the Pines case, is reopened.

Not wanting Willie to be buried until they can find the killer responsible for the murders, Reagan must catch the culprit in time to walk down the aisle. Witty, fabulous, and full of charm, Lethal in Old Lace is perfect for fans of Ellery Adams and Jenn McKinlay. 

What do you think about this series? Are you as excited as I am to read the latest book in this incredible series?

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