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Review: Dangling by A Thread by: Lea Wait

Title: Dangling By A Thread
Author: Lea Wait
Publisher: Kensington
Series: Mainely Needlepoint #4
Pages: 304
Format: e-book ARC
Source: NetGalley


The Mainely Needlepointers are about to learn that no man is an island—especially when greedy developers want his land . . . 

Hermit Jesse Lockhart lives alone on King’s Island, three miles east of Haven Harbor, Maine, where he’s created a private sanctuary for the endangered Great Cormorants. But when a wealthy family wants to buy the island and Jesse’s cousin Simon petitions for power of attorney to force him to sell, Jesse is the one who becomes endangered.

Mainely Needlepointer Dave Perry, who befriended Jesse in the VA hospital, rallies the group to his defense. Angie Curtis and the ravelers stitch “Save the King’s Island Cormorants” pillows and sell T-shirts to pay for Jesse’s legal counsel. But tragically, on a visit to the island, Angie and Dave find Jesse dead. Now the search is on for a common thread that can tie the murdered man to his killer . . .

My Thoughts:

This book follows Jesse Lockhart who lives alone on King's Island.  When Angie Curtis spots him landing in Haven Harbor she wonders who he is and what he's doing?  She follows him as he goes to the Post Office and is even more cuirous finding out only that he gets his mail at Haven Harbor.  Later when she goes to see Dave she learns alittle more about Jesse as he almost runs into her as she visits Dave.  Angie still trying to get use to being alone finds out from Jesse that he needs their help.  Someone wants to buy King's Island where Jesse lives with Cormorants a special bird.

After Dave gets hurt attempting to talk to Jesse to let him know what is going on it's up to Angie, Dave and the other needlepointers to find out what is going when Jesse winds up dead.  This leads to Angie talking to Patrick West whose Uncle wants to buy the island to turn into a summer retreat.  The big question being who wanted Jesse dead and why?

This book had so much going on the mysterious Jesse Lockhart and who he is?  Then the Wests coming back into town was always a nice treat for everyone whose gotten to know Patrick and Skye.  This one really had me wondering who the killer was and why go to the extreme or killing someone trying to protect birds!  I also found myself feeling bad for the realtor and his wife who really need the income of selling the property!  Definitely great for bird lovers and mystery buffs alike!  I have loved this series from day one and don't think I will quit to the last book is written hopefully with lots of great mysteries still to come!
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