Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Review: Murder by The Book by: Devorah Fox

Title: Murder By The Book
Author:  Devorah Fox
Publisher: Mike Byrnes and Associates, Inc.
Pages: 27
Format: e-book ARC
Source: GEBT


An ordinary work day at the western Massachusetts Sugarloaf Inn turns more chilling than the winter weather when staff member Candy Wadsen makes a gruesome discovery. Her day goes from bad to worse when Candy realizes that Detective Sergeant Dan Petrowski suspects her of committing the crime.

My Thoughts:

This book follows Candy Wadsen who works at the Sugarloaf Inn.  When Candy goes into work she discovers her boss Mr. Sleink has been murdered with a letter opener that he collected.  The Sergeant Dan Petrowski is quick to place blame on Candy.  Candy knows from reading many mysteries that the suspect is always quick to assert their innocence regardless of the truth.  Did Candy really kill her boss and why?  Or was it someone Mr. Sleink upset in some way?  Will Candy find out the truth or will the Sergeant have her convicted before the real killer makes their presence known?

This was a cute novella and in it we meet Candy her boss and the Sergeant in charge of the case.  This book takes place in Massachusetts which is always fun to head to a New England town.  Then there is learning about Candy's co-workers and the possibility that one of them is the murderer.  There are no shortage of possibilities especially with all the co-workers pointing fingers at one another.  Will Detective Dan figure it out in time or will the murderer go free?  This book was a lot of fun can't wait to see what is next by this author.

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