Review: The CEO Came DOA by: Heather Haven

by - Friday, September 02, 2016

Title: The CEO Came DOA
Author: Heather Haven
Publisher: Wives of Bath Press
Series: Alvarez Family Mysteries #5
Pages: 308
Format: Kindle e-book
Source: GEBT


Someone is trying to sabotage the Initial Public Offering of 'Read-Out', a small Silicon Valley start-up, and Lee Alvarez has been hired to find the culprit. Meanwhile, the first Alvarez grandchild is about to be born while Lee is planning her very own Christmas wedding; or rather letting her mother plan it. When Lee finds the CEO hanging by the neck in his boardroom wearing nothing but baby blue boxer shorts, she has to ask herself, was it suicide? Or was it murder? If so, was the saboteur responsible, one of his business partners, or even his famous rock star ex-wife? There are too many suspects and the bodies start piling up just in time for Christmas. Ho, ho, ho 

My Thoughts: 

In this book we go back and visit the Alvarez Family.  Lee and Richard are working to find out what is going on with their new clients company Read-Out when Lee stumbles upon a dead man who appears to have committed suicide.  The man in question is the CEO David H. Collier, and it appears he decided to kill himself.  When the police and Lee witness a declaration by his young teenage daughter Skye that her father wouldn't kill himself Lee can't help but feel for the young girl.  To what end will Lee go to help the young girl?  Did David Collier really kill himself?  If he didn't who killed him, and why?

 As Lee is still working with Richard about the Read-Out they find something out about worker's being micro chipped even the other man in charge had his llama's chipped. Unfortunatly a tester and some chips keep appearing and disappearing and Lee and Richard can't find out why?  This book brings you all over Silicon Valley and we also get to learn about a dangerous drug making it's round with a short life expectancy.  

Lee is still working on getting married her mother is planning everything all Lee has to do is don her dress and be at the church on time, of course it doesn't help Lee's fears when her fiance gets called into work where he can't tell her anything but she clues him in when his neice is born.  Richard has a new baby which has him on cloud 9 inbetween all the chaos.  

I enjoy the Alvarez family.  They are great and work so well together especially with the people they come in contact with.  Definitely keeps you enthralled and wanting more.  I'm working on filling in the inbetween books to get caught up on others in the series Long Live the Alvarez Family!!

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The CEO Came DOA

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About the Author:
After studying drama at the University of Miami in Miami,
Florida, Heather went to Manhattan to pursue a career. There she wrote short stories, comedy acts, television treatments, ad copy, commercials, and two one-act plays, produced at Playwrights Horizon and well-received. Once she even ghostwrote a book on how to run an employment agency. She was unemployed at the time.
Heather has won numerous awards for her Silicon Valley based Alvarez Family Murder Mysteries; Manhattan based WWII Persephone Cole Vintage Mysteries; Ringling Brothers’ Circus mystery noir, Death of a Clown; and short story anthology, Corliss and Other Award-Winning Stories. She and her husband of thirty-four years are allowed to live with their two cats in the foothills of San Jose, California, where she has just started her eleventh novel.

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