Review: No Cats Allowed by: Miranda James

by - Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Title: No Cats Allowed
Author: Miranda James
Publisher: Berkley Prime Crime
Series: Cat in the Stacks #7
Pages: 288
Format: e-book ARC
Source: NetGalley


In the latest mystery in the New York Times bestselling Cat in the Stacks series, librarian Charlie Harris and his Maine Coon cat Diesel must clear a friend when the evidence is stacked against her…

Springtime in Mississippi is abloom with beauty, but the library’s employees are too busy worrying to stop and smell the flowers. The new library director, Riley, is a brash, unfriendly Yankee who’s on a mission to cut costs—and his first targets are the archive and the rare book collection.
As annoying as a long-overdue book, Riley quickly raises the hackles of everyone on staff, including Charlie’s fiery friend Melba—whom Dillard wants to replace with someone younger. But his biggest offense is declaring all four-legged creatures banned from the stacks. 
With enemies aplenty, the suspect list is long when Riley’s body is discovered in the library. But things take a turn for the worse when a threatening e-mail throws suspicion on Melba.
Charlie is convinced that his friend is no murderer, especially when he catches sight of a menacing stranger lurking around the library. Now he and Diesel will have to read between the lines, before Melba is shelved under “G” for guilty… 

My Thoughts: 

This book follows Charlie and his beloved Maine Coon Cat Diesel in this book there is new temporary library director who is pushing everyone's buttons from Melba being accused of taking too long a lunch, Lisa being accused of not attending a conference to the latest the director being allergic to Diesel without showing any signs of allergies.  Charlie just can't believe what a jerk the director is.  Add that to someone defacing the directors car with pink lipstick and the drama in the library has reached the stacks.

When Riley winds up dead many people find themselves wondering if they will get stacked with a murder charge pretty much anyone Riley upset while working in the library a short time including an ex-brother-in-law to Melba his co-worker. Or could it be someone skimming the books for a financial gain?  Charlie has to put on his thinking cap and get to the bottom of it before Melba winds up paying for the crime.

I love this series and the way the author gets right down to it really quickly, doesn't add a lot of nonsense that doesn't need to be added to a book just to fatten it up.  I love the way Charlie's mind works and how he can't pass up trying to figure out who the bad guy/girl is and the way he teams up with the local police to get to the bottom of things.  Definitely great for book lovers who love reading about libraries mysteries featuring men as the sleuth.  Such a phenomenal story!

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