Review: Knock on Wood by: Linda O. Johnston

by - Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Title: Knock on Wood 
Author: Linda O. Johnston
Publisher: Midnight Ink
Series: Superstition Mystery #2
Pages: 312
Format: e-book ARC
Source: Great Escapes Book Tours & NetGalley

Rory Chasen, now the manager of the Lucky Dog Boutique in Destiny, California, is delighted when her closest friend Gemma Grayfield, a librarian, comes for a visit. But Gemma arrives early and seems upset. It turns out she has broken up with her boyfriend, Frank Shorester. Gemma is soon hired to manage the Broken Mirror Bookstore. Frank follows her to Destiny, where Gemma is also wooed by two local men. Rory may be a little jealous—until one of those men, Deputy Mayor Bevin Dermot, turns up dead. Bevin is known for knocking on wood for everything, but despite Destiny being all about superstitions that did not save his life.
Rory tries to help Gemma clear herself of being a murder suspect, even counting on her lucky black and white dog Pluckie to help. But is Gemma guilty of murder—or of just having a run of bad luck?

My Thoughts:

In this book we meet a friend of Rory's Gemma whose come to Destiny to hide from her boyfriend who she broke up with but that didn't stop him from coming to Destiny to win back his girlfriend.  Gemma seems to have no trouble flirting with the men of Destiny but when one of those men wind up dead it's up to Rory to find out what happened.

This book had everything you expect from Linda Johnston murder, adventure, great characters and so much more if you haven't read this series you are missing out on so much!!

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