Sunday, July 6, 2014

Sunday Morning Editorials #1

This is my Sunday morning rambling so don't mind me while I hang on my soap box for a bit.

Why Paula are you on a soapbox now are you really that dirty?

Uh no not really I have noticed something and no matter how many time you say it people still try to shove certain genre's your way.  I don't do a lot of non-fiction unless it is of my choosing.  Lately I keep getting contacted about non-fiction or self help books.  I don't do those cause usually they take forever to read and then you try to implement what is suggested to see if it works and if it doesn't well how can I tell if someone else might like it.

Well can't you just list that on your contact page?

I have been there and don't that so many times it's not funny.  Every time I put what I won't read I get like bombarded with emails for those genre's.  And when I don't list them I still get hit with them. What gives?

Since your on your soapbox although by the sound of it your kind of laying on the soapbox what else is bothering you?

Ah yes the other thing that baffles me is when people on like LinkedIn or Twitter want to know my review policy, now like most people those sites have links to my blog, which I have tried to set up similar to a library with circulation desk, staff, reference desk so here I will break down the categories and hope people understand it otherwise I think I may have to rename the tabs:

Circulation Desk--Review Policy basically
Reference Desk -- Past Reviews over the years
Staff -- About Us page where you can learn about the review team
Tours -- Book Tours I am currently involved with
Current Reviews-- Kind of self explanatory

That seems kind of simple why can't people just click to find out?

That is the big question why people can't check out the blog to figure that out I have no freakin' idea.  It seems like something doesn't connect with contacts and they forget to look on my blog for that information.  I just don't understand how people operate at times.

Well then do you reply to those messages?

Unfortunately I am horrible at this part.  I hate being known as someone who rejects authors so they sit in my LinkedIn email account until I can figure out a polite way of saying can't you read my review policy it's not rocket science.

I think I've done my soapbox damage for the weekend next time I will try to answer questions that readers ask.  So if you have a question you want posted here please fill out this form and we will share your questions here!

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