Thursday, January 30, 2014

Review: Trapped by Revenge by: Colleen Helme

Title: Trapped by Revenge
Author: Colleen Helme
Publisher: Createspace
Pages: 192
Series: A Shelby Nichols Adventure #5
Format: ebook
Source: Book Tours


With summer over Shelby is looking forward to having some time to herself while the kids are back in school. A phone call from Uncle Joey ruins her plans, but she manages to take it in stride. After lunch with her friend, she promises to meet with the private investigator who was spying on Uncle Joey, but this simple task turns into a disaster. Not only does she find the P.I. dead, but a slip of paper with her name on it under his lifeless hand implicates her for his murder. Desperate to prove her innocence and find the person who killed him, Shelby begins a frantic search. She enlists the aid of the local mob boss, Uncle Joey, his hit-man, Ramos, and her police detective friend, Dimples, but soon finds that nothing can save her from becoming entangled in a sinister plot. With her life on the line and no way out, she finds herself trapped by revenge, and realizes it will take all her skills to escape. Now she must choose where her loyalties lie, and hope she doesn’t trade something bad, for something even worse.

My Thoughts: 

When Shelby Nichols is sent by Uncle Joey to meet Sam a P.I. Shelby finds the worst thing possible a dead P.I. and now Shelby is on the chopping block to being charged with his murder.  Now it's up to Shelby her husband Chris, Uncle Joey who isn't really her Uncle and Ramos to find out who has it out for Shelby.  Will she solve the crime before she's forced to do someone else's crime?

This book had some crazy adventures in it.  Shelby does everything she can to clear herself even so far as to play Uncle Joey's niece Shelly from Florida just to find a Judge who has it out for Uncle Joey,  Shelby even meets someone else in a similar situation slated to die soon for a crime he didn't commit.  I really enjoyed meeting the various characters and seeing Shelby's adventure and how it played out.  Definitely a great series I would read future books by this author!
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