Monday, October 24, 2011

Thirteen Diamonds by: Alan Cook Review

Title: Thirteen Diamonds
Author: Alan Cook
Pages: 172
Publisher: FirstPublish
Series: Lillian Morgan Bk 1
Format: Kindle Book


Lillian Morgan is bored with life in a retirement community, but she gets more excitement than she hoped for when a fellow resident drops dead at the bridge table--while holding a perfect hand of thirteen diamonds. Intrigued by the astronomical odds against this happening, she uses her mathematical background plus assistance from her beautiful granddaughter and friends to prove that a murder was committed--but not everybody wants her to find the murderer.

My Review:

Lillian Morgan is deep into trying to solve a murder of a fellow resident Gerald at her retirement community.  But someone doesn't want her to solve the murder, they even go so far as to have her removed from the community.  Lillian doesn't stop there, she won't stop til she figures it out.  With the help of her friend Tess and Wesley they figure out that something isn't right with the director of their retirement community, and it's up to them to figure it out.

Loved this book it was cute seeing an older woman crack a case instead of the younger ones we usually read about.  I enjoyed the humor and math analogies in this story.  A great cozy mystery!

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