The Night Season by: Chelsea Cain Review

by - Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Description via FSB Media:

With the Beauty Killer Gretchen Lowell locked away behind bars once again, Archie Sheridan -- a Portland police detective and nearly one of her victims -- can finally rest a little easier. Meanwhile, the city of Portland is in crisis. Heavy rains have flooded the Willamette River, and several people have drowned in the quickly rising waters. Or at least that's what they thought until the medical examiner discovers that the latest victim didn't drown: She was poisoned before she went into the water. Soon after, three of those drownings are also proven to be murders. Portland has a new serial killer on its hands, and Archie and his task force have a new case.
Reporter Susan Ward is chasing this story of a new serial killer with gusto, but she's also got another lead to follow for an entirely separate mystery: The flooding has unearthed a skeleton, a man who might have died more than sixty years ago, the last time Portland flooded this badly, when the river washed away an entire neighborhood and killed at least fifteen people.

With Archie following the bizarre trail of evidence and evil deeds to catch a killer and possibly regain his life, and Susan Ward close behind, Chelsea Cain -- one of today's most talented suspense writers -- launches the next installment of her bestselling series with an electric thriller.

My Review:

This book was sent to me via FSB Media for a honest and fair review. This book definitely had you really hating the rain that kept falling as the bodies are piling up and you find yourself wanting to find this killer to give them a dose of reality. You find yourself bouncing between the detective and reporter. The only references to Beauty Killer Gretchen Lowell are memories Archie has from his time being tortured by her. Susan Ward has a close relationship with the cops in this local town, spending more time there then at her job. You also see the damage that can be brought on by a serial killer like Gretchen Lowell how she screwed up Archie's head. Definitely a great series, lots of action and thriller appeal. I will be looking for more by Ms. Cain her style of writing is great and easy flowing chapters.

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