Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Summoning by: Kelley Armstrong

Chloe Sanders wanted to be a working in films when she got older, but nothing could prepare her for what happened when she got her period. Chloe has seen people that have been chalked up to as boogeymen, but what Chloe didn’t know was the when she went to Lyle house for her mental breakdown, that the people she had seen weren’t boogeymen. She and many kids like her were part of an experiment by the Edison Group.

They are called Supernaturals the powers range from, Spellcaster, Witch, Werewolf, Firestarer, and Necromancer. The book is written by Kelley Armstrong who has written various books of fiction on the supernatural. What Chloe didn’t realize was how many adults were connected to the Edison Group including Chloe’s aunt who cared for since her mother died. I really enjoyed this story, mind you it was a bit slow in the beginning like most stories but when it picked up I couldn’t put it down.

I think it’s a great read, especially for teens who want to learn about the paranormal without the heavy love context that adult books offer. I wish the parts where it picked up there was more to the story there, as it took along time with the background info I found myself bored at times with it. Am reading the 2nd one now. I rate this book a 4 cups as it was a bit slow in some areas and had a bad cliffhanger, have I ever mentioned how much I hate cliffhangers cause I am always wondering what’s next? How do you all feel about cliffhangers?

I gave it four cups because I wanted more from this book but that is just me. :)
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