Sunday, November 29, 2009

Review My Gal Sunday by: Mary Higgins Clark

Title: My Gal Sunday
Author: Mary Higgins Clark
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
Pages: 244
Format: Hardcover
Source: Purchase

Henry Parker Britland IV is wealthy and worldly - a beloved former president who, still youthful, is enjoying early retirement. His new wife, Sunday, is beautiful, smart and seventeen years younger than he, and has just been elected to Congress in a stunning upset victory that has made her the darling of the media. Henry and Sunday make a formidable team of sleuths - and never more so than when they set out to solve crimes occurring among their friends in political high society. When Henry's former secretary of state is indicted for the murder of his mistress, Henry and Sunday suspect he is taking the fall for a crime of passion he did not commit. But why? With cases ranging from a crime on the presidential yacht to a kidnapping that brings Henry back to the White House as he races against time to unravel the plot, there is never a dull moment for the ex-president and his bride - or the reader.

My Thoughts:

This is another good book that I had started prior to Long Time Gone I really liked it. As Henry was a president so it gives some insight to a president after he leaves the office. The crime committed couldn't make the confused look even guiltier. Did he do? does he not recall it? Or is it all a scam another great book by Mary Higgins Clark
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