Saturday, February 21, 2015

Editorial: Book Reviews Preferences and Requests...Oh My!

Happy Saturday everyone I hope everyone is enjoying your weekend and staying warm in the areas flooded with snow.  I know I am.  As I have been reading my inbox this past few weeks I've noticed a pattern and I have heard other bloggers tackle this issue so I thought I'd throw my thoughts out there as well.  Mind you this isn't an issue with all authors/publishers just some.

Books we will Review:

There are so many bloggers out there that I'm sure they will cover genre's that I don't.  I don't do political books because well I don't want to get political on my blog, I do some books that are non-fiction written by authors like Betty White's book but that was a personal purchase generally for review purposes I don't do non-fiction.

I don't do erotica because (mind you this is my sole opinion) I find the books cheap and lacking storyline.  There are lots of people who dead read them, so I would suggest people looking for erotica blogs check around either through networked blogs or search blogs through google heck I even some dark blogs that deal with that material.

Social Media and Requests:

Why is it when working on Social Media sites and someone contacts you about a book review they act like they've read your requirements but will still send a message about a book not listed under your genre of choice?  I swear some people just don't read what you will or WON'T read.  Seems to be the big this pimping out your book which I know many authors who do, but make sure where you are pimping it is going to read the type of book you've written.  I also can't stand when I say I won't do terrorist themed books they seem to love telling me about their book which is about a terrorist plot on USA soil.  I see enough of that on the news don't really want to spend my time reading about because that gets depressing.  Again there are tons of bloggers who will read that theme just not me.

I'm pretty specific on my books mystery, romance, YA, some fantasy/paranormal/steampunk. I just get tired of the voice in my head going "Uh hello did you not read my requirements??"  As a blogger we go to the work of writing that up what is the point of that if people don't read it or say they can't find it. Hit the button for Contact Us or Staff and you'll find out what I read, and if you need it for a release date please tell me that I can't read your mind and I do alot of book tours but if I know you have a date in mind I can adhere to that for the most point.  I also do well with cover images and synopsis so I know what I'm getting into.  I also have tons and tons of forms on my blog for various things.  Check them out!

Fellow Bloggers and Authors what drive you nuts??  Feel free to share your thoughts below :)

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