Monday, November 5, 2018

Review: Death, Diamonds and Freezer Burn by: Tricia L. Sanders

Title: Death, Diamonds and Freezer Burn
Author: Tricia L. Sanders
Publishing: Soul Mate Publishing Inc.
Series: Grime Pays Mystery Book #2
Pages: 224
Format: e-book ARC
Source: GEBT


An unwelcome visitor, an unrequited love, and a dead body create chaos in a middle-aged woman’s plan for a productive summer. 

Despite a looming divorce, an empty checkbook, and a struggling cleaning business, Cece Cavanaugh is determined to land on her own two feet. Adamant about staying a safe distance from the handsome detective who has her fantasizing about violating the morals clause in her prenuptial agreement, Cece dives headlong into her work. 

Even though she has no free time to spare, Cece finds herself guilted into cleaning a hoarder’s home. Her discoveries in the condemned house are too shocking to ignore. Diamond-laden pachyderms, a secret cache of money, and a dead body lure Cece into launching an investigation that places her in direct contact with the one person she’s desperate to avoid--hunky Detective Case Alder. 

With clues in hand, Cece runs down leads and eliminates suspects one by one. Her conclusion and brave accusation put a friend’s life in peril forcing Cece to hatch a plan to outsmart the killer. A daring move could either save Cece and her friend or lead to their demise.

My Thoughts:

This book follows Cece whose moving past her married life and getting a divorce and learning to be on her own two feet.  Cece finds herself helping her friend clean her mother's house which is a horder's dream come true.  When a murder occurs she winds up in contact with Case Adler the detective she's been trying to avoid will she figure out who the murder is and why?  Or will she become the next victim?

This book was a great adventure to read and also showed how moving on from bad things can be hard but you can over come anything.  The book has a great set of characters that you meet from Cece's friends to a nosy neighbor.  Definitely a great series for all mystery lovers!

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