Thursday, March 31, 2016

Cozy Discussion #2: Romance and Love Triangles?

I have seen this discussion a time or two where someone will ask about romance within a cozy, and I will answer it the same way I did in a discussion today.

I get tired of romance if it takes too long to get the show on the road like the Hannah Swenson series or Stephanie Plum and love triangles drive me batty

We have so many book series out there and I'm all for either a romance or not but I hate love triangles because in the end someone gets hurt and in the case of Hannah Swenson two guys get hurt because Hannah ends up with neither of her boyfriends.  What is the point of that??

In the case of Stephanie Plum how many books and Stephanie still hasen't picked?  How long do you expect the readers to wait? 

I could see waiting a book or two or three for Hannah is on her 20th book, Stephanie Plum is up there too in her books.  How many books does it take to figure guys out?  

I am a more a murder she wrote era.  Jessica was widowed.  She had her guy friends things were hinted at but not thrown in your face.  I think it works we know she loved Frank and that no will compare to Frank.  I hate when books are forcing relationships they can go at a normal rate but don't make a book that is under the category chiclit/cozy it won't work.  Mystery lovers aren't looking for romance so I don't know why we are trying to sell them on a romance.  They are in it because the love some murder and sleuthing.  Not to see who Betty Boop is Booping.  I find in the case of Norman and Mike in Hannah Swenson these men seem hollow.  Hannah loves them but won't commit sounds like a girl who wants her cake and eat it too.  When you add to man love interests I don't know how you keep it lively to where people like the characters instead of hollow like these men are.

I would like to thank Save Our Cozies on Facebook for sparking this discussion!

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Unknown said...

I completely agree with you...that is one of the reasons I stopped reading the Stephanie Plumb books. I can't believe either guy is still waiting for her to make a decision! In real life both of them would have moved on by now.

Paula Mitchell said...

I can't stand dragging out the romance it kills the believability of characters