Friday, July 20, 2018

Review: The Ghost and The Femme Fatale by: Alice Kimberly

Title: The Ghost and The Femme Fatale
Author: Alice Kimberly
Publisher: Berkley Prime Crime
Series: Haunted Bookshop Mystery #4
Pages: 235
Format: e-book
Source: Personal Purchase


A film festival gone noir gives bookshop owner Penelope Thornton-McClure and her ghostly companion a big screen caper to solve in this Haunted Bookshop mystery from Cleo Coyle, writing as Alice Kimberly.

The Movie Town Theater is holding its first ever Film Noir Festival, with Pen handling book sales for the guest speakers, including screen actress Hedda Geist. The legendary femme fatale has been out of the spotlight for decades. Unfortunately, the moment she steps back into it, she's nearly killed. Then other guests start to die, and Penelope wants to know why her little town's Film Noir weekend has taken a truly dark turn.

With local police on the wrong track, Penelope enlists the help of Jack Shepard, P.I. Okay, so Jack hasn't had a heartbeat since 1949, when he was gunned down in what is now Pen's store. But the hard-boiled ghost actually remembers Hedda's dark past and Penelope's sure he can help solve this case--even if he and his license did expire more than fifty years ago...

My Thoughts:

In this book Jack is on a new case he's investigating the distict attorney as his wife wants a divorce but she's his cash cow and she wants her money and her twin daughters.  So Jack does what he does best take photos and stakeout the d.a in hopes he will get enough to please the soon to be ex-wife.

In the current day The Movie Town Theater is open and holding a Film Noir starting with Hedda Geist's The Wrong Turn as Geist helped them fix up the theater.  When a light crashes down during the film weekend, Jack drags Pen back to 1948 where he investigating his cheating D.A. to teach her some things about Hedda and his case along with it.

Someone is determined to sniff out alot of people during this noir weekend starting with Dr. Lily who is found dead at Pen's shop.  The cops are determined it was an accident but Pen is adamant that it was no accident!  As the bodies pile Pen and Jack are determined to figure whose on a killing spree and why.  Will they figure it out in time or will Pen get her card punched?

I love Jack and Pen they are so great.  It's incredible when in times of sleeping or unconsciousness Jack brings Pen into his world and certain cases he's working on.  Then in Pen's time Jack helps her where he can.  This book is just such a great journey to go on makes me look forward to the next adventure!

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