Thursday, November 24, 2016

Blog Anniversary Day 4: Maya Corrian

Why I Love Book Bloggers by Maya Corrigan

Bloggers who write reviews offer readers precious gifts—book recommendations. As they present each gift, they must walk a fine line. They have to reveal enough about a book so readers can decide if it’s their cup of tea, but not give away information that might spoil a reader’s enjoyment. 

The fine line is razor thin for mystery reviewers. Mysteries often contain a big surprise at the end, when the culprit is unmasked, as well as earlier surprises that redirect the crime investigation. Mystery lovers are like roller coaster fans who prefer to ride blindfolded. They enjoy twists and turns more when they don’t see them coming. To cater to those readers, most mystery book bloggers keep plot summaries to a minimum and focus instead on a particular story element. 

I enjoy reading the unique perspective that each blogger brings to a review. For example, one blogger who reviewed Final Fondue, the third book in my series, discussed the unique location of scary nighttime chase. Another blogger liked the Hitchcock parallels in the mystery. A third reviewer remarked on how the book wove in threads from earlier books in the series. 

Like other writers, I’m grateful to bloggers who review my books and offer me the chance to write a guest post. Thanks for all you do, bloggers! My Five-Ingredient Mysteries (By Cook or by Crook, Scam Chowder, and Final Fondue) feature a thirtyish cafĂ© manager and her grandfather, who solve murders in a town near the Chesapeake Bay. Each book has five clues, five suspects, and five-ingredient recipes. Visit my website for more information about the books and for trivia and quizzes on mysteries:

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