Friday, November 25, 2016

Blog Anniersary Day 5: Cheryl Hollon

Guest Post by: Cheryl Hollon

Do you get as nervous dealing with book bloggers as we do about dealing with authors?
I get nervous and excited. I’ve been a reader for my entire life. Since I’ve only been a published author for a little over a year, this is new territory. To be invited to blog about my cozy mystery series on sites that I have been following is surreal. In May, 2016, I attended Malice Domestic, the conference held in Bethesda, MD for lovers of traditional mysteries. I felt trepidation meeting a group of professional bloggers that in many cases can make all the difference in capturing that elusive ‘word-of-mouth’ that sells books. Of course, that was completely ridiculous. Those I met were warm, generous, supportive and – even better – had wonderful words to say. 
What are your writing fears?

My biggest fear as a writer is that maybe the words won’t come. I write everyday – sometimes a lot – sometimes a little, but absolutely every day. My universal constant is that every morning, I don’t see how on earth I can get those words down on the page. Then, I start typing. Slowly. Very slowly. Then, before I know it my fingers are flying and a miracle has occurred – again. I have written!

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